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I am working on three game design projects. 
The Colossus of Atlantis

This is a megagame for 35 players, in which the Atlantean noble houses compete to colonise and control the rest of the world, while trying to avoid the doom of Atlantis. The themes of the game are drawn from a mixture of classical Greece in the Bronze Age, Plato's writings on Atlantis, the modern gonzo occult writings on Atlantis, with a dose of steampunk and giant robots.

The Decline and Fall of the Galactic Empire

This is a strategy boardgame for 3-5 players. The design goal is to invert the standard growth paradigm of most modern boardgames, and come up with an enjoyable game of playing through the collapse of a complex space civilisation.


This is a roleplaying game where I try and fix everything that bugs me in roleplaying games. It is probably going to look a lot like a 'fantasy heartbreaker', but you have to start somewhere!
The Colossus of Atlantis will be playtested in late 2016, and should be played at a few conventions in 2017.